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Foster Parent Application

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Why are you interested in fostering a cat?
Cat you are applying to foster (leave blank for any available):
Do you live in a house/apartment/condo, and do you own or rent?
Are pets permitted (apartment or condo)?
How long at your current address?
How many people currently living in your home, and their ages (if under 18)?
Are they on board with you fostering a cat?
Is anyone in your household allergic to cats?
Are you aware of the basic requirements for the care of a cat, please explain?
Briefly, in your own words, explain what makes a “Responsible Pet Owner”
Do you presently have pets?
What kind of pets? How many? What Ages?
Are they neutered/spayed? Are they vaccinated? Are they animal friendly?
How long are you willing to foster a cat for?
Would adopting the cat be an option if he/she fit in well?
If a home was found for the cat and for some reason it did not work out,
would you foster them again?
Do you travel?
If yes, who would take care for the cat while you were gone?
How many Hours will the cat be left alone per day?
Would you be comfortable If an ALL PAWS RESCUE volunteer came to visit
the cat while you are fostering?
Do you have a separate room for the cat to stay, as they cannot
interact with your animals unless ALL PAWS RESCUE approves?
Any particular age you would like the cat to be?
Are you willing to foster a cat with special needs or behavioural issues?
Are you willing to give the cat 2-3 weeks to adapt to your home?
Are you willing to take in a cat on short notice, in urgent situations?
Do you agree to take cat to any necessary vet appointments when needed?
Do you drive, and have a vehicle?
Any special comment or notes?

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Thank you for opening your heart and home to an animal in need,
ALL PAWS RESCUE truly appreciates you taking the time to complete
this application. Fostering an animal is a wonderful experience and it
gives the animal the time he/she needs to find their forever home.